What We Do

Why invest in Healthcare?

We believe Healthcare is a long-term, secular growth sector as ageing populations in developed and emerging countries worldwide drive the demand and need for increased healthcare provision.

The political conundrum is how to develop and deliver better healthcare to more people for less money. Healthcare companies with products or services that deliver demonstrable value and drive efficiency are well-placed for future growth with six key drivers propelling the sector.

In addition to a robust, long-term growth outlook for the sector in contrast to many areas of the market currently, valuations across the sector are compelling and healthcare fundamentals remain strong, with the consumption of products and utilisation of services accelerating.


Why the Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust (PCGH)?

Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust offers a compelling opportunity to invest in a growth industry that is at the forefront of some of the world’s leading innovation. The investment team that manages the Trust was established in 2007 and includes fund managers who all held senior roles in the pharma and biotech industry before managing money in the sector.

Leveraging the deep investment and industry experience of Polar Capital’s award-winning Healthcare team, the Trust takes a high conviction approach, investing in the best opportunities globally, across all healthcare subsectors.

From innovative small-cap biotechnology stocks to global pharmaceutical giants, the actively managed portfolio focuses on powerful growth stories that are shaping the world. With its global and sector diversification, which together help mitigate stock-specific risk, PCGH has a conservative investment profile.

Forward-looking; actively managed; highly specialised. Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust plc offers unrivalled access to the innovative and rapidly advancing healthcare industry.

Healthcare is an incredibly diverse sector so in any given economic, regulatory or political climate we should be able to find opportunities. At the moment, we are seeing a pick-up in utilisation of healthcare services now that Covid is fully behind us, and there are multiple areas within the sector where we can expose the portfolio to that rising trend.