How to Invest

As it is a public listed company, there are three main ways to buy shares in an investment trust:

Stock market: The ordinary shares of Polar Capital Global Healthcare Trust plc are listed and traded on the London Stock Exchange.

Direct: New shares can be bought directly at the launch of an investment trust, or from an established trust should it issue new shares.

Secondary market: Existing shares can be bought from an investor wishing to sell them through a broker, financial adviser or an online share-dealing platform.

Please note that Polar Capital are not endorsing or recommending the third parties listed and the trust may be available through other platforms. If retail investors would like advice on which platform might be suitable for them, we recommend they speak to a financial adviser.

Guide to Investing

New to investment companies?

The Association of Investment Companies (AIC) offers a wealth of information for investors, from finding a financial adviser to introducing investment trusts.

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