“Polar Capital Global Healthcare (PCGH) is, as we show on page 17, the leading performer within its peer group over the long term. Its managers’ high-conviction approach and good stock-picking skills have helped it navigate a period of relative underperformance by the healthcare sector. The managers feel that the sector is overdue a re-rating.

PCGH’s managers point to the long-term trends that are driving growing demand for healthcare (see page 5). Higher utilisation of healthcare is fuelling revenue growth for companies exposed to the sector and encouraging developments in areas such as the way in which healthcare is delivered and the take-up of preventative medicine. Innovative drugs and medical technologies are opening up new frontiers for the sector. Cheap valuations, especially amongst small-cap and biotech names, are encouraging mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity. All of this points to a rosy long-term outlook for the sector, which PCGH is well-positioned to benefit from.”

QuotedData: Healthy returns and a rosy outlook

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